Making The Most of Your Marketing Plan

The other day, a business associate and I were having a conversation about marketing. There were several things that we discussed, including some of the newer marketing tactics that are emerging. You always have to wonder about these tactics, especially when they have not been proven to be reliable.

Our conversation moved towards a new form of marketing that is being called thought leadership marketing. This term was new to me. My friend explained that this was the latest form of marketing that many marketing firms were pushing, but he was not able to really explain what it was. This simply meant that I would have to do a little bit of research for myself.

My research led me to several conclusions that made a lot of sense. This form of marketing has to do with using an expert’s opinion or power over a certain field. People love to listen to experts talk, and they will often listen very closely to what an expert in the field is saying, and why not? They are experts. This means that they have the answers to the questions that everyone is seeking. This is what makes an expert so important. People want answers. People want to be told what to do.

This form of marketing is often part of a much larger marketing plan. It simple helps plant a seed into the mind of a possible customer. This seed can then grow into something much more powerful. It can be turned into a lead which can converted into a sale, or it could be directly responsible for creating a new series of sale. These are just a few reasons why this form of marketing has become so popular. Any marketing method that has positive results is going to quickly gain popularity, and that is why my friend was so well informed about this particular form of marketing. It produces great results!

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