The Sonos Play:3 Wireless HiFi System Is The Best Home Speaker System I’ve Ever Owned

The Sonos Play:3 Wireless HiFi System is one of the best ways to easily play music from a wide variety of sources. Plus the audio produced by the Play:3 is of the highest quality. The Sonos system is ideal to play music in your home whether you’re having a party or just trying to relax to some tunes after a long day.

My favourite thing about the Play:3 is that it is unobtrusive it is in my home. I had always wanted to get a high quality stereo system for my house, but I did not like the idea of large speakers and subwoofers taking up valuable space in my house. I can place the compact Play:3 systems in a corner of my living room and I can clearly hear the high quality audio no matter where I am in the room. When the speaker is turned up to its higher volumes it is also easy to hear the music in other rooms of my house. Best of all when I’m not using my Play:3 system to play music I almost forget it’s there because it’s so small and takes up less than a couple of square feet in the corner of my living room.

When I bought my Sonos Play:3 system I was amazed by how easy it was to use. The Play:3 has built in Wi-Fi and has preinstalled drivers to support Windows and iTunes. I was able to easily link my laptop up to the speaker and start playing music as soon as removed the Sonos system from the box and hooked it up to power.

Another really cool feature of the Sonos Play3 system that I haven’t seen in other competing HiFi speaker systems is that the Play:3 has built in access to hundreds of internet radio stations for free. I was amazed when I learned that I could use my Play:3 to listen to free internet radio without even having to link it up to my laptop. Listening to the free internet radio my Play:3 supports has turned me on to several new artists and genres of music I would not have normally listened to but have come to thoroughly enjoy. It puts many DAB Radios to shame in this respect.

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