Bureau Basics

The world of public speaking is wide and varied. There are motivational speakers and keynote speakers, as well as speakers who are personalities in fields ranging from politics and business, to sports and comedy and beyond. Public speakers are in demand from a number of different types of clients including corporations and businesses, charitable organizations, and public and educational institutions.

So if you are looking for a speaker for your event, how do you contact a potential speaker? That’s where a speakers bureau comes in.

A Bureau in Action

A bureau does a number of things and provides a number of services but first and foremost, a bureau retains a list of public speakers and personalities, and brings together clients and speakers.The wonderful thing about going though this type of service is that hiring a particular speaker costs you, the client, exactly the same amount as it would if you weren’t going through a bureau. While the speaker does pay a commission to the bureau, this cost is not passed on to you.

So what does a bureau do to earn that commission? Besides making introductions, a bureau acts as a liaison between you and your speaker in order to ensure your event and the speaker’s appearance at that event are a success. This is done in several ways beginning with help choosing the best speaker for your event to event planning itself.

Choosing a Bureau

When choosing a bureau, ask around to see which bureaus have the types of personalities you are interested in hiring. Before you contact a particular bureau, make sure you have a good idea of the type of event you are planning as well as your audience demographics. With that information, a bureau worth the name will ensure you have the speaker who is the best fit for your event.

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