Text Marketing for Business Promos

Promoting your business, brand, product and/or services is as important as creating them. Businesses spend thousands to billions of dollars annually on marketing campaigns, advertising fees, and commercials. By letting others know about your product, special promos, and service, they are likely to remember your brand/ company name, whichever is more popular, and they are likely to buy from you when they need the product or service. Without promoting your product/ service, people will not know about your company and what you can do for them.

One of the easiest and most effective marketing methods nowadays is Text Marketing . The majority of people today do not spend their time reading magazines or thumbing through newspaper pages. People rarely pay attention to billboards and posters, as they have busy schedule and may have to go from one place to another quickly. Additionally, many of them do not spend their time watching television all day. As a result, printed advertisements and television commercials become expensive marketing tools that may not be effective for your business, product, or service.

Compared to these conventional marketing tools, Text message marketing can be an effective alternative. Of course, this also largely depends on your target market, but nowadays almost everyone has at least a mobile phone. What causes text marketing to be an effective marketing tool? Well, one reason is because most people are likely to check when there is a text message arrives in their mobile phone inbox. Thus, your messages have a greater chance to be read. A recent survey shows that text marketing has ten times of efficacy compared to e-mail marketing when it comes to reaching out your potential consumers.

A text message can be read in seconds, while e-mail can take up to a couple of minutes to read. Most people don’t have that much time to read especially during the day. Hence, they are likely to delete e-mails before reading them than they do with text messages (people usually read the text message first before they decide to keep it or delete it). Furthermore, text marketing does not cost you a fortune. Many text message marketing providers offer reasonable payment plans for mass text marketing service.

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