Write Essay that Grabs Attention

Essay writing is important if you want to succeed in your academic life. In the case that you have to write a winning essay, you may have to compete with other students, who may have similar academic backgrounds and similar GPAs and organizational skills. Thus, your essay may be your only ticket to a better life –a college, a university, a scholarship program, or a study excursion, or perhaps an internship job! See, essay is important. Hence, before you call around for an essay writing service to help write your essay from scratch, you may want to practice your essay writing skill first and contact a custom writing service only to get them to help proofread and revise your essay. This won’t hurt your moral and will benefit you in the long term.

So how are you going to write an essay that grabs the attention of your reader? Good essay subject is not enough. Just like food, getting good quality ingredients is just a step toward presenting a culinary delight. You need to know your customer (in this case, the taste of your reader) and your own –as you won’t compose an interesting essay if you are not interested in the essay subject. Once you find the right subject or topic to cover, you need to know other requirements for your essay such as the minimum word requirement, word limit, and deadline for submission. Subsequent to this, you need to know how to grab the attention of your audience in the first minute. The one-minute that people spend on reading your first paragraph will determine whether he will excitedly read on or put the paper down after quick skimming.

Depending on your essay format and essay subject, you can find an angle that will spark interest in the mind of the reader. For example, instead of writing: Learning foreign language is an important skill that a student should have, especially if you frequently travel overseas; you can write about your experience while traveling to a foreign country in which English is not a native language. An example of this: Murah, murah! Ayo dibeli! Street vendors in a night market in Jakarta shouted at me while I strolled along the pavement carrying a digital camera in one hand and a bag of ripe local mangoes in another. Both sentences can be used in an article that emphasizes on the importance of learning foreign language, but the latter may grab more interest and attention to your essay than the first. There are other tips to make an interesting essay, but in the meantime, you can practice making interesting first paragraph and you will come up with essays that grab the attention of your reader.

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