Understanding and Managing Risk

Once you earn knowledgeable license, you might suppose your interaction together with your licensing board has ended, but it might have truly simply begun. Boards that license therapists, lawyers, and other professionals have a substantial amount of energy with respect as to if licensees preserve their status, and make no mistake, their objective is to guard the general public-not those they’ve licensed.

What can you do as a licensed professional to know your dangers and handle them to ensure you stay in good standing together with your licensing board? Listed here are just a few suggestions:

  • Know that a broad vary of conducts, together with anything felony, can result in disciplinary action, even if it might seem unrelated to carrying out your skilled duties. Whereas habits with sufferers/purchasers actually falls beneath the microscope, so, too, can activities that may lead your licensing board to suppose you are dishonest or unethical. This will embrace acts of violence, substance abuse issues and even getting a DUI whereas on vacation; while these occurrences may not have an effect on your work, they reflect on professionalism, or lack thereof.


  • Keep ahead of any potential disciplinary action by addressing points before your licensing board learns about them. If you’ve finished one thing that results in attention from law enforcement, you should definitely report it when you renew your license. That is especially necessary in case your challenge includes intoxication or use of a managed substance, since you may nearly be in a position of getting to prove you’re not a substance abuser.
  • Comply with your gut instincts-that inside alarm system all of us have-before partaking in any conduct that might be considered “fishy.” I’ve discovered that when licensees get in hassle, most of them had a sense that their actions weren’t going to work out effectively for them.
  • For those who do come into the crosshairs of your licensing board, be very cautious about offering an announcement without having an attorney present. The individuals you are dealing with might act like they’re your mates; however you could remember that their “buyer” is the public, not you.

What is the doable disciplinary motion that may befall you in case your licensing board believes your habits has crossed the road? A reprimand-public or personal-or a quotation may be issued, and you may be positioned on probation, which suggests you will need to abide by extremely onerous restrictions to proceed to work. The most serious type of discipline could be to revoke your license.

The moral of the story: understand the implications of unprofessional behavior and take steps to handle your risk so that you by no means find yourself in the position of defending your actions in entrance of your licensing board. In the most effective-case state of affairs, your communication shall be restricted to quietly renewing your license.

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